Amsterdam.rb Meetup at 80beans

Roy Tomeij by Roy

After being dormant for a while, a small team of people (including myself), felt that the Amsterdam Ruby User Group needed to be revived. A city like Amsterdam, full of Ruby developers, needs and deserves an active community. After discussing what to do we came up with a concept for the coming months.

Our plans will be revealed June 19 at the first monthly meetup, taking place at our office and featuring lightning talks by Mike Burns (Thoughtbot) and two more. For this "Amsterdam.rb Reboot" we will sponsor drinks and snacks. We're over halfway full, but signing up for this event is still possible. Head over to the Amsterdam.rb website, which we designed and developed, to read all about it.

Let's make Amsterdam.rb last and organize fun, educational and social events for the time coming. We welcome everyone to join, whether you're a seasoned Rubyist or just trying Rails for the first time. I hope to see you on the 19th!

80beans is one of the premier Ruby consultancies in The Netherlands and a regular sponsor of community events. We invest in promising start-ups via our start-up program.

With SliceCraft we're the only company in the world specialized in writing front-end code using Haml, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript based on PSD's our clients provide, delivering code that's ready to be used in the Rails asset pipeline.

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