It's almost EuRuKo time!

Roy Tomeij by Roy

For a while now Thijs has been busy as part of the organizing committee of Ruby conference EuRuKo 2012. With a team of about 10 people they whipped up what's going to be a great event, of course with the help of sponsors and other volunteers. Next to the conference there are a bunch of side-events that shouldn't be missed, also if you couldn't obtain a EuRuKo ticket (all 550 sold out in minutes again).

Here's what will be going on next week:

29 & 30 May: Rails Girls

Rails Girls aims to provide women with tools and advice to understand programming and build their ideas. Since we love the concept and believe the male dominated development world needs to be more inclusive, we happily sponsor this event with snacks, drinks, breakfast and lunch (together with Space Babies). Coaches will be veteran Ruby developers and open-source contributors. Let's make it a fun learning experience!

31 May: EuRuKo Hack Day

On the 31st there's room to work on your favorite project by yourself or in a team during the Hack Day. Get new insights, develop new ideas and contribute to the open-source community. You will be joined by JRuby core, Rubinius core, Sinatra core, Bundler and two Rails core members. A great opportunity to get in on the action, and you can still sign up!

31 May: Party time

On the evening of the 31st, conference attendees can board canal boats for a floating party through the Amsterdam canals. That should make for a pretty unique experience!

1 & 2 June: EuRuKo conference

On Friday and Saturday there's the EuRuKo conference in the awesome Tuschinski theatre in down-town Amsterdam. The line-up looks great and I'm happy to be part of it as well, delivering my "modular & reusable front-end talk". Looking forward to it! Both days will end with more socializing at various parties, see the schedule for details.

80beans is one of the premier Ruby consultancies in The Netherlands and a regular sponsor of community events. We invest in promising start-ups via our start-up program.

With SliceCraft we're the only company in the world specialized in writing front-end code using Haml, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript based on PSD's our clients provide, delivering code that's ready to be used in the Rails asset pipeline.

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