Book Your Dive

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Book Your Dive is a startup that enables divers to find the right dive center at all important diving locations worldwide. They can book a dive and write a review afterwards to let their fellow divers know about the quality of the dive center.


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At you can browse through over three thousand inspiring images of interiors. All furniture has information on resellers and you can add items to your scrapbook. The application utilizes advances filtering technology, giving the ability to quickly find images matching a selection of any of 200 tags.


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ProjectNed is a tool for the construction industry to handle tenders, manage projects and share information. It allows the parties involved to work together in a collaborative environment. We developed the complete application and are steadily working on new features.

NU TV-gids

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For, the largest Dutch news website (400 million page views per month), we did the technical development of their EPG. The application makes extensive use of JavaScript as progressive enhancement. Under water a lot of different feeds are parsed and modeled into a standard data format. The XML-feeds based on that data are used for multiple applications, such as their iPhone app.