Amsterdam.rb is back!

Amsterdam had a pretty active Ruby user group in the past, but somewhere over a year ago people basically stopped organizing events. There were a few irregular drink-ups with the usual suspects attending and that was about it. Being based in beautiful Amsterdam, we couldn't let a community in a city full of Rubyists and start-ups using Ruby go to waste. Roy teamed up with Josh Kalderimis to revive Amsterdam.rb, with a goal of organizing a monthly event. Dax Huiberts and Guillermo Sanchez joined us soon after to strengthen the core team.

Since we feel we should foster the local community, we sponsored some things to get up and running again. We registered the new, shorter domain name, designed the new site, coded it and got it setup on GitHub Pages. We wanted to get the word of the fresh start out there, so we offered our office in the center of the city as the location for the "Amsterdam.rb Reboot" event. The limit was first set to 70 attendees, but was quickly upped because of high demand. In the end about 80 people came over to have a drink, meet old friends and make new ones.

Josh introduced the fresh team behind Amsterdam.rb and stepped down as organizer at the same time, since he's relocating shortly. He revealed the format for the near future, which is going to be a mix of (lightning) talks, drink-ups and hack nights. If anyone has an idea for any other type of event, they're more than welcome to contact @amsrb.

After the introduction two speakers were ready to give some lightning talks. Dax Huiberts kicked off with a talk about working with Unix processes (after the book by the same title). Mike Burns from Thoughtbot (Boston) happened to be in town and he volunteered to do a talk on contributing to open source. Both talks were well received.

The evening concluded with great conversations with likeminded people, making it a great event for both veteran and new Ruby developers. We're looking forward to future Amsterdam.rb events!

80beans is one of the premier Ruby consultancies in The Netherlands and a regular sponsor of community events. We invest in promising start-ups via our start-up program.

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