Tapir, a static website search engine

Roy Tomeij by Roy

A few weeks ago Jeff came up with the idea for a search engine for static sites (like his own). Together with Robert & Ivana (who designed the logo) Tapir was developed. It indexes your blog posts based on an RSS-feed. The index can be searched using a simple API. Together with Robert I wrote a jQuery plugin that makes it even easier to implement.

The project is sponsored by 80beans. Part of the development was done in company time and we provide hosting resources.

80beans is one of the premier Ruby consultancies in The Netherlands and a regular sponsor of community events. We invest in promising start-ups via our start-up program.

With SliceCraft we're the only company in the world specialized in writing front-end code using Haml, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript based on PSD's our clients provide, delivering code that's ready to be used in the Rails asset pipeline.

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