80beans startup program

Thijs Cadier by Thijs

We're starting a little investment program for startups. This year we'll be selecting one or two startups which will get the opportunity to use our agile design and development services at a heavily discounted rate. We will also act as sparring partners on the business end. In return you'll hand over options or shares in your startup. The terms are negotiable based on the scope of the to be developed product and the business.

We're looking for a great founder who:

  • Has a strong product idea
  • Knows his/her market
  • Has a clear vision on how to create a profitable business
  • Only wished he/she had a great development team

If you want to apply, send an e-mail to info at 80beans dot com with a summary of the product idea and core expectations about the business. We like Plancruncher for this. We will not initially sign an NDA (read why), but we promise to keep any application completely confidential. Apply and we might be building a kick-ass product together soon!

Update: Lunatech Ventures has come on board. If you're looking for funding in addition to a development team and we think your idea rocks, we will introduce you to them and they may decide to invest.

80beans is one of the premier Ruby consultancies in The Netherlands and a regular sponsor of community events. We invest in promising start-ups via our start-up program.

With SliceCraft we're the only company in the world specialized in writing front-end code using Haml, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript based on PSD's our clients provide, delivering code that's ready to be used in the Rails asset pipeline.

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