About us

We are 80beans and we have been building software since 2005. We use the latest and greatest technology in combination with an optimized agile approach. We strongly believe that everything we deliver should be very usable and performant. We go out of our way to build our clients great sites and applications.



High quality agile development and maintenance.

Interaction design

Have us turn your vision into a clear interaction design.

Collaborative development

Let your developers adopt the agile process by pairing with us.

Code audits

A second opinion on code quality and test coverage.

Crisis control

Short term consulting to get your Rails-based project back on track.

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Latest projects

  • Book Your Dive

    Book Your Dive
  • Liever

  • ProjectNed

  • NU TV-gids

    NU TV-gids

80beans turns 10 today: grandpa recounts

Roy Tomeij by Roy

Today it's exactly 10 years ago that Thijs and I decided to start a company. Here's what happened between August 10, 2002 and today. From working from our parents house to living in vacant office space to running a Ruby shop with a team of seven.

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Introducing our "Open Test Lab" for mobile device testing

Roy Tomeij by Roy

While emulators can give some indication of what your web app will look like, nothing beats holding an actual device in your hands. Inspired by the suggestion for a local test lab at the Mobilism conference earlier this year, we decided to give it a go and ordered a bunch of mobile devices. But, why keep them to ourselves?

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